Asphalt Resurfacing

When your asphalt parking lot, driveway, or roadway has suffered some surface damage but still has some life in it, asphalt resurfacing services from your trusted local paving company are the best solution. A reputable paving company known for its quality work can make your pavement look as good as new, without breaking the bank.

Phillips Paving Company: Asphalt Resurfacing Services Kansas City Locals Can Trust

When it’s time to refresh your Kansas City area asphalt pavement, trust Phillips Paving Company to come through. We’ve been improving all sorts of properties all over the area for decades, so we know what locals need from their paving services. Our knowledgeable asphalt paving contractors use only the most technologically advanced milling and paving equipment to ensure your asphalt looks as good as new.

What is Asphalt Resurfacing?

When paving contractors say “asphalt resurfacing,” they’re generally talking about a series of asphalt repair processes that replace the top few surface layers of asphalt pavement to fix damage like potholes and give an asphalt parking lot new life.

  • The Resurfacing Process

    Using special paving equipment, the top layer is ground away in a process called asphalt milling, which leaves a uniform textured surface that makes adding a new hot asphalt layer easy. In a process called asphalt overlay, a top layer of pavement is laid down, leveled, and allowed to cure for pavement that’s as good as new. Sealcoating is a great addition to freshly resurfaced asphalt pavement, protecting it against weathering and extending its life.

  • Parking Lot Resurfacing Services

    When replacing the surface layers of a parking lot, asphalt repair contractors have several additional services that ensure the lot complies with the ADA and municipal codes. Parking lot line striping uses specialized pavement stencils, asphalt painting equipment, and highly reflective traffic paint to create parking stalls, loading zones, handicapped parking spaces, reserved parking spaces, and more.

Ready to resurface your old asphalt parking lot or driveway? Phillips Paving Company can help with our efficient, cost-effective asphalt milling and resurfacing services.

For the best pavement resurfacing in Kansas City MO, Phillips Paving Company is who you need to call. With decades of combined experience in asphalt repair, you can trust that your driveway or parking lot will look good as new after our crew is done!

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