Crack Filling

One of the most common types of asphalt damage is cracking. Without professional asphalt crack filling, cracks can connect, widen, or even turn into potholes. Asphalt repair services for damage like potholes can be expensive, but professional crack filling prevents that expense.

Cracked parking lot? Crack filling from Phillips Paving Company is the best solution!

For the best crack sealing services in Kansas City MO, Phillips Paving Company is the paving contractor locals trust. We have decades of experience with asphalt repair and pavement maintenance, so we can restore even the largest commercial parking lot or most damaged industrial pavement.

Asphalt Crack Sealing Services

Asphalt cracks appear when the top layer of asphalt pavement is weakened by weather and physical wear, but the professionals have crack repair services that reverse that damage.

The Crack Filling Process

First, asphalt crack sealing works best on pavement cracks under a half-inch wide and less than a couple of inches deep. Crack sealing begins by cleaning debris and dirt out of the pavement cracks so that the sealant will adhere. Then, a special mix of asphalt emulsions and additives is then heated and poured or injected into pavement cracks. No matter what, we always use the highest quality asphalt emulsions and crack filling products on every crack sealing project.

Benefits of Crack Sealing

  • Sometimes considered pavement maintenance and sometimes repair, crack-filling services combine the benefits of both, like
  • Stopping asphalt damage in its tracks,
  • Preventing hazards to drivers and pedestrians,
  • Improving the look of a parking lot or driveway,
  • Extending the life of asphalt pavement,
  • Saving money on expensive asphalt resurfacing or repairs,
  • And more!

Phillips Paving Company: Crack Filling Experts in Kansas City MO

As the most experienced asphalt repair and maintenance company in the greater Kansas City metro area, Phillips Paving Company is the one to call when you find cracks in your pavement. We’ll mobilize our elite paving teams and perform crack sealing quickly and efficiently.

Ready to fix a cracked parking lot? Contact Phillips Paving Company today to talk about our crack-filling services!

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