Overland Park, KS

For the top paving services in Overland Park KS, Philips Paving Company is the asphalt and concrete contractor trusted by local commercial businesses, property management, and residential homeowners all over the Kansas City area. We provide some of the best warranties in the paving industry on every pavement repair, parking lot installation, and asphalt maintenance project. We can complete all paving jobs in a timely fashion, whether a large parking lot installation or a driveway repair project.

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We have a vast knowledge of paving techniques and systems, as our company founder has more than 40 years of experience in the asphalt paving industry that he has imparted to our workers.

Our commercial paving services are the best in the industry, utilizing the latest paving equipment, timely execution of procedures, and the top asphalt products.

We center our customer’s needs on every job as we believe in having customer service as robust as our asphalt paving workmanship.

Overland Park KS

A city in Johnson County KS, Overland Park is the second-most populous city in Kansas with a population of 197,238 as of the 2020 census. It was officially incorporated as a city in 1960, though its subdivisions were plotted back in 1905. It is located at the junction of Interstate 435 and U.S. Route 69, making it a frequently visited area by travelers.

Overland Park is known for its arboretums, parks, botanical gardens, and farmsteads. Several local farms are open to the public, such as Deanna Rose Chidlren’s Farmstead, which features gardens, a zoo of farm animals, and farmer’s market style food on display. The parks in the area are well-developed and provide a wide range of biking, walking, and natural engagements. The local theatres are vital to the community, some of them large enough to feature seasonal tickets for those who are avid theatre-goers.

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