Asphalt Installation

When you need a new asphalt parking lot or driveway, the choice of a paving contractor is a tough one because the quality of asphalt installation services determines how durable your asphalt pavement will be.

In the greater Kansas City metro area, one paving company is trusted for the best asphalt installation: Phillips Paving Company. With decades of experience in the asphalt industry and a focus on the needs of local property owners, we’re the asphalt paving company that can install asphalt pavement that will last for years.

Quality Asphalt Installation from Phillips Paving Company

We became the most trusted asphalt paving installation contractor in Kansas City MO by perfecting our paving processes and focusing on what our customers need.

Our Asphalt Installation Process

  • First, thorough site preparation ensures that the soil under your new asphalt is free of debris, stable, and sloped to provide proper drainage for the pavement.
  • Asphalt installation begins with a gravel aggregate base layer that is compacted and graded so that your pavement will stay stable over time.
  • Next, we mix hot asphalt with aggregates to create a custom asphalt mix for each paving project, designed to withstand the use the asphalt will see.
  • Asphalt is installed in layers that provide stability while allowing the pavement to flex under pressure and not crack. The surface layer is smoothed and compacted for a beautiful finish.
  • Further paving services like sealcoating and line striping complete the asphalt installation.

Residential Asphalt

Asphalt driveways require different expertise than parking lot paving or industrial asphalt services. Not only can the paving professionals at Phillips Paving Company install a smooth, durable asphalt driveway, but they can also make it unique with decorative concrete and other paving services.

Commercial & Industrial Asphalt

For our commercial property owners in Kansas City MO, we offer asphalt installation specially targeted to the needs of industrial pavement, high-traffic parking lots, loading zones, and other commercial asphalt types. From the products we use to the processes we employ, we make sure your parking lot installation goes smoothly, resulting in the commercial pavement that will last for decades.

For the best asphalt paving in Kansas City MO, Phillips Paving Company is the paving contractor to trust.

In and around Kansas City MO, Phillips Paving Company is trusted for asphalt installation on a variety of properties like schools, apartment complexes, residential properties, retail spaces, and more.

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