Asphalt Repair

When your store’s parking lot has potholes or your asphalt driveway is cracking, you need professional asphalt repair services. But who do you trust to repair your asphalt pavement permanently and keep it looking good over time? You trust the local paving company with the most experience with asphalt paving services in Kansas City: Phillips Paving Company.

Exceptional Asphalt Repair Services

When your asphalt is suffering from cracking, rutting, potholes, or surface deterioration, it’s time for professional asphalt repair solutions. Depending on the severity of your asphalt damage, there are several different procedures your reputable local paving contractor can provide.

Causes of Asphalt Damage

Despite its durability and flexibility, asphalt does deteriorate over time when exposed to stressors like heavy vehicle traffic, UV rays, temperature changes, and water penetration. These things break down the chemical bonds within the black petroleum part of asphalt called bitumen, exposing aggregates. Water can get into minute cracks, freeze, and worsen them, allowing water to get deep into the layers of asphalt and cause even more damage. Over time, you get things like potholes where water gathers or rutting where cars repeatedly drive over the pavement.

Asphalt Repair Solutions

  • Crack Sealing – To repair asphalt cracks, paving professionals apply a hot crack sealant to the broken pavement, sometimes injecting it into the cracks themselves.
  • Asphalt Patching – When there is a pothole or other localized asphalt damage, paving contractors can cut it out and replace it with a patch of fresh asphalt that gets compacted to match the level of the undamaged pavement.
  • Pavement Resurfacing – Milling and overlay services can together create a whole new surface that will give your pavement new life without the expense of full removal and asphalt installation.
  • Sealcoating – Also considered pavement maintenance, asphalt sealcoating services provide a protective layer of pavement that locks in asphalt repairs and slows damage.

Who do you call for asphalt repair in Kansas City MO? Phillips Paving Company

With state-of-the-art equipment, highly trained paving contractors, and decades of experience in the paving industry, Phillips Paving Company has what it takes to tackle even the most badly damaged pavement out there. Whether you need a few potholes fixed or a complete asphalt resurfacing of a large commercial parking lot, Phillips Paving Co is the one to call.

Don’t suffer from a cracked driveway or a worn parking lot! Contact us right away for a free consultation about your asphalt damage!

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