Parking Lot Striping

A parking lot is just asphalt if it doesn’t have line striping and pavement markings. Parking lot striping services are an important part of any parking lot installation or commercial pavement maintenance, and you need a trusted parking lot paving company for the best results.

Phillips Paving Company: Parking Lot Striping You Can Trust

With decades of experience with commercial paving in the greater Kansas City MO area, Phillips Paving is the go-to contractor for creating safe, attractive parking lots. We’ve worked with area property managers, commercial businesses, industrial companies, and multi-family residential property owners to make sure that area parking lots are safe for drivers and accessible to all.

Parking Lot Striping FAQs

  • What kind of stripes and markings does my parking lot need?

    To be current with national and municipal laws in Kansas and Missouri, local parking lots need certain markings. First, parking spaces need visible lines, as well as symbols for navigating the parking lot and signage for drivers with disabilities. We use only durable reflective traffic paint and approved pavement stencils for every parking lot striping project.

    At Phillips Paving Company, we can paint any kind of pavement marking our clients need, including

    • Handicapped parking symbols
    • Loading zone stripes
    • No parking signs
    • Curb painting
    • Traffic lanes
    • Directional arrows
    • Reserved parking spaces
    • Numbers and letters
    • Sport court markings
  • What does the ADA have to do with my parking lot?

    The Americans with Disabilities Act mandates that all public buildings and parking areas are accessible by citizens with disabilities, and this includes specific signage, parking spaces, loading zones, and more. The parking lot experts at Phillips Paving are well-versed in all parking regulations and will make sure your parking lot is up to code.

  • When do I need fresh parking lot line striping?

    The short answer is whenever your pavement markings and parking lines begin to fade, but this varies based on the amount of traffic your commercial pavement sees. Create a parking lot maintenance plan, and you won’t have to worry about when to get line striping.

  • To get your parking lot up to code or keep it there, contact Phillips Paving Company!

    To get long-lasting line striping and pavement markings, Kansas City area businesses trust Phillips Paving Company. We’ve been performing professional parking lot paving services to area businesses, schools, and more for decades, and we’re happy to help!

Improve your parking lot today by giving us a call. One of our parking lot paving experts is waiting to hear from you!

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